IoT solution protecting money, time and environment

In the period of demonstrable human influences on the climate, the weather is increasingly extreme. Long droughts alternate with torrential rains and these are often associated with sudden and devastating floods. Damage to property or the health of the population can be prevented by early warning of rising flow levels. MERATCH - Measure & Watch Online is a tireless monitor of even the smallest changes in the water level 24 hours a day, and with its automatic warning message you can protect the most valuable in time.


Warning notifications and real-time widget for web

Do you know how mayors control river levels when there is a risk of floods? They personally check it day and night. That is why we have developed an IoT solution that measures the water level non-stop and sends early flood warnings immediately to your phone. Let's make municipalities more safe with MERATCH.

Never Be Caught Off-Guard Again

Imagine an innovative solution that monitors water levels 24/7 and alerts you instantly when they rise dangerously.

MERATCH is a ready-to-deploy technology designed to safeguard against unforeseen floods.

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