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We deliver cutting-edge IoT sensors and software for comprehensive water management. From safeguarding against floods to optimizing industrial water processes, our solutions ensure every drop counts in building sustainable futures.


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  • sateliot
  • astrocast
  • nb-iot
  • lora
  • sigfox


  • reason connectivityConnectivity
    MERATCH is a unique device that, thanks to the ability to connect to any IoT network, even satellite, can be installed in any location in the world.
  • reason adjustableAdjustable
    Thanks to the complete inhouse hardware and software development, we can adapt the entire solution to clients' requirements.
  • reason rangeRange
    Due to the precise radar, MERATCH measures the distance from the measured object reliably up to 23 meters. On request, the range of the radar is customizable.
  • reason accuracyAccuracy
    Measurement with 1 mm accuracy has been verified by several professional institutions, Accurate, reliable and very detailed data are guaranteed.
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