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Why Meratch?

  • reason connectivityConnectivity
    Meratch is a unique device that, thanks to the ability to connect to any IoT network, even satellite, can be installed in any location in the world.
  • reason adjustableAdjustable
    Thanks to the complete inhouse hardware and software development, we can adapt the entire solution to clients' requirements.
  • reason rangeRange
    Due to the precise radar, Meratch measures the distance from the measured object reliably up to 13 meters. On request, the range of the radar is customizable.
  • reason accuracyAccuracy
    Measurement with 1 mm accuracy has been verified by several professional institutions, Accurate, reliable and very detailed data are guaranteed.
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Recent News

  • online-monitoring

    In the Wake of Recent Floods: How Nature Meets Tech to Strengthen Our Response

    August 9, 2023
    In the aftermath of Slovenia's devastating floods, the urgent need for a systematic early-warning system has become evident. We explore three transformative strategies – harnessing nature's might, leveraging cutting-edge tech, and integrating holistic flood risk management – to fortify our response. With a blend of natural solutions and advanced IoT tech like MERATCH sensors, we envision a future where our resilience against flooding is proactive and robust. Dive in to discover how we can combine nature's wisdom with technological prowess to combat flood-related challenges.
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  • challenger-accelerator-winner

    The Winner of Challenger Accelerator 2022!

    March 18, 2021

    March 17th was a big day for GOSPACE TECH and MERATCH - Measure & Watch Online! An international jury consisting of business investors, the director of a leading bank, and experts in seeking innovative and the most promising projects have decided that the winner of the Challenger Accelerator Green and Digital 2022 is our MERATCH!

    Our mission to bring solutions that improve everyday lives and the environment has been proven again. MERATCH mitigates the effects of climate change and indeed will save many resources. Yesterday’s achievement encourages us in a global rollout because as we use satellite communication, the sky’s the limit in case of deployments!

    We thank all team members, the CIVITTA professionals for the excellent Challenger Accelerator project, the jury, the mentors, and other great startups who were with us.

    Wish us luck and stay tuned!

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  • online-monitoring

    Online monitoring saves time and money

    February 1, 2021
    GOSPACE aims to help automate measurements in hydrology so that data is available at any time online and from hard-to-reach places. That is why we are deploying MERATCH - Measure & Watch Online with national authorities on pilot projects for measuring groundwater in remote locations in order to save time, money and the environment. We are ready to show how our innovative technology works anywhere in the world.