Software solution
that brings your
data online


Manage your data from everywhere

Monitor all your sensors using MERATCH App from the comfort of your home, office or directly in the field. Our web application is accessible via any major web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) using any smartphone or computer. As long as you have an Internet connection, with our application you will always have an overview of the water level around the sensor.


List of sensors

List of all sensors provides a high-level overview of important latest information about individual sensors, such as latest measurement, trend and alert. “Trend” gives you a glimpse of the future and helps you to anticipate upcoming troubles. The “Last Alert” column notifies you about the latest alert, its time and it highlights ongoing alerts that require immediate attention.


Detailed sensor overview

On the detail page you are presented with a summary of a sensor that includes all the information from the List of sensors with additional measurements. In the “Measurements” tab access all measurements in an interactive line chart or download them for further processing. Threshold lines help you quickly locate past alerting situations, giving you additional insight and make the analysis easier.


Alerts notification

Do you have worries that you might miss an important alert? You can relax, even if you are not actively monitoring the situation in the MERATCH App, you will get notified via email or phone. To see what exactly triggered an ongoing or past alert, when and how long it lasted, instead of browsing through your email history you can check out the “Alerts” tab in the detail page. You can conveniently search for a specific alert in a selected time range.