Use Cases



In the period of demonstrable human influences on the climate, the weather is increasingly extreme. Long droughts alternate with torrential rains and these are often associated with sudden and devastating floods. Damage to property or the health of the population can be prevented by early warning of rising flow levels. MERATCH - Measure & Watch Online is a tireless monitor of even the smallest changes in the water level 24 hours a day, and with its automatic warning message you can protect the most valuable in time.

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In Slovakia, we submitted a project for measuring groundwater around dams and reservoirs in a thousand measuring points around Bratislava, where we fully automate the measurement process, thus saving staff time and fuel. The data is accessible online in real time for processing into accurate and long-term statistics.



Dams and water reservoirs are often too deep and located in a remote area that is difficult to monitor. MERATCH can also help in these situations. The radar range can be up to 50 meters and thanks to advanced technology it is able to work anywhere in the world, because it communicates with every IoT network and also via satellite.


Waste water

Sewerage capacity and wastewater management is a major challenge for large cities that want to grow and develop. MERATCH is ready to monitor the level of wastewater in tanks, but as one of the few in the world, it is able to measure and send data on the state of the underground sewerage system.